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Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (1988) #1
Published Mar 1988 by Marvel

Writer Sid Jacobson
Artist Ben Brown

Did you know that Pinocchio’s adventures didn’t end with the wondrous day that he became a boy? In this one-shot adaptation of the Filmation animated film (which attempted to serve as a sequel to Disney’s Pinocchio), the now human Pinocchio finds himself in a battle for his very humanity. He runs away from home and meets a series of shady con artists, a girl puppet named Twinkle, a Jiminy Cricket stand-in dubbed Willikers, and even the Emperor of the Night himself (a sort of watered down devil). Pinocchio’s Fairy Godmother also makes an appearance before it’s all over. Although the workmanlike illustration, flat scripting and simple moral lessons make for a bland tale, it’s a pleasant enough comic for children who might wonder what else Pinocchio has been up to since the “happily ever after” ending of the Disney film.

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