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Peter Parker: Spider-Man Vol 2 #11 – Writer: Howard Mackie Artist: John Romita Jr. Cover artists: John Romita Jr. The Eighth Day, Part 3 of 4. A crossover from Avengers! “Thanks for the god lesson. I’ll be leaving now! Good luck subjugating the will of all humanity.” — Spider-Man. Peter’s been keeping the web-slinging secret, MJ’s been keeping the stalker’s calls and messages secret. That doesn’t make for happiness – especially since MJ seems to have figured out that Peter is sneaking around in the suit again! The Wager of Octessence has chosen its eighth and final Exemplar, Stonecutter. Now, the only thing that stands between Earth and Armageddon is the combined might of Spider-Man, Iron and Thor! Pulled into the blistering battle between the Avengers and several godlike beings, the wall-crawler discovers that their maniacal machine is being built beneath the Daily Bugle! Meanwhile, we reveal the secret of the mysterious phone calls that have been haunting Mary Jane! Plus: Senator Ward makes a dramatic play! Does it involve the disappearance of Arthur Stacy? There’s only one way to find out! Near mint, bagged and boarded first printing.

Key Facts
1st team appearance of the Exemplars

Near mint, 1st print. Bag&Board, Been sitting boxed for 20+ years, one owner!