Official Xbox Magazine 113 Sep 2010 Dead Space 2 Cover Lego Harry Potter



Bigger! Faster! Scarier! We unmask the horror of Dead Space 2 in our September issue. We’ve also packed in a huge 12-page Kinect blowout, as well as reviews of Gears 3, Fable III, Halo: Reach and Need for Speed. Metal Gear Solid Rising article, Homefront three page article, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit article, Fable 3 article, Gears of War 3 article, Mortal Kombat article, Portal 2 article, Halo Reach three page article, Castlevania Lords of Shadow article, Alan Wake lead writer four page interview, 8 things you MUST do in Red Dead Redemption, Xbox 360 slim article, eight page Dead Space 2 article, Crackdown 2 review, Lego Harry Potter review, Transformers War for Cybertron review, Singularity review, Mass Effect 2 Overlord review, DISK NOT INCLUDED.