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Nineteenth Century Europe: The Revolution of Life
by Leo A. Loubere (Author)

For courses in Nineteenth-Century European History.

A general descriptive and analytical overview of European history from 1814-1914, this text reveals the major trends, explores the regional differences within those trends, and highlights the dynamic forces in human societies.


– shows how Europe in the 19th century developed through the contrapuntal relations of governmental policies, economic growth, social structure, and culture (ideas and education).
– considers topics often ignored or slighted in other similar texts:
— the family
— women’s and children’s conditions
— cultural institutions as distinct from abstract ideas
— low culture and high culture
— life of the middle class as distinct from that of the working class
– explores the influences of geographic (natural) factors on the past
– examines the importance of demography and urban growth – the numerical growth of populations, the cause and nature of growth, for nations as well as for regions and cities. Follows the expansion of the great capital cities, the industrial and commercial cities, and their impact on rural communities.

Paperback: 367 pages
Publisher: Pearson

Highlighting in perhaps the first third of the book. Folding to early pages and front cover. 0-13-221086-X.

Looking online I believe this is supposed to include cards that slide into it. These cards are not included…what you see is what you get.

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