Nina…Amada Mia DVD Karyme Lozano Sergio Goyri


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Nina…Amada Mia DVD
Director: Alfredo Gurrola
Actors: Karyme Lozano, Sergio Goyri

Melchor le revela a Pablo que Clemente Soriano no es su padre. Pablo se entera que su verdadero padre murió muchos años atrás en un accidente. Pablo busca a Pascual en busca de respuestas. En el hospital, Isabela intenta acercarse a su padre.

Language- Spanish
Number Of Discs- 1
Runtime- 4 hours 13 mins

Great quality, glad i bought it! Great quality!! Brought back good memories of good old times with friends and family.

This was one of the first Telenovelas I watched on TV. I absolutely loved this story and the actors.

The theme song is by Alejandro Fernandez, and it is wonderful as I have that on a video DVD as well. I also, love Karyme Lucía Lozano and I have everything that she made. She was in her early 20s in this telenovela. I also love Sergio Goyri—what you can say! He’s the typical Latin men role. Very macho! Love him!


DVD and Case included. DVD is scratch free.