Micronauts Poster by Dave Johnson Acroyear Bug Arcturus Rann Galactic Warrior


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Within our own universe, in a sub-atomic realm, lie endless worlds of scientific magnificence, under the rule of an evil tyrant, Baron Karza. Can a small band of misfit aliens and one human put an end to his reign? Classic space opera with a modern twist! Acroyear, Baron Karza, Space Glider and Biotron return for an all new era of sci-fi excitement. On a distant planet, Earth-born Ryan Archer sits behind cold prison bars, and relays the tale of his arrival to a mysterious armored warrior. Can this rebel warrior help him? Will he ever see home again, or is he destined to remain there for life? More importantly is why the world’s tyrant leader, Baron Karza, fears him.

Near mint condition.