Mediterranean Light Delicious Recipes Hardcover Martha Rose Shulman Bantam 1989


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Mediterranean Light Hardcover
by Martha Rose Shulman (Author)

Provides Mediterranean-style recipes for breads, salads, soups, pasta, pizza, vegetables, fish, chicken, rabbit, and desserts.

Shulman’s latest is sort of a low-calorie version of Paula Wolfert’s books on Mediterranean cuisine. Author of The Vegetarian Feast and several other cookbooks, she has taken her favorite recipes from all the Mediterranean countries, cut down on oils and fats, changed cooking methods when necessary, and come up with lighter, healthier, authentic-tasting dishes. Nutrition information is included for each, but the audience for this book should not be limited to dieters.

These dietetic-but-not-dull recipes, culled from Shulman’s friends and fellow cooks, feature Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern and Southern French cuisines. Using relatively little olive oil, few fats and lean chicken and rabbit, Shulman (Supper Club Chez Martha Rose) “lightens” traditional fare. She claims that these recipes are designed for slow, steady weight loss, and, without putting forward a program of exercise, promises that “you won’t gain the weight back.”

And ample menus–one includes crostini with porcini mushrooms, pasta e fagioli, swiss chard, a small green salad, and oranges with mint, plus one slice of bread, yielding approximately 830 calories–could lead easily to overindulgence.

Publisher Bantam (1989)
Hardcover 432 pages
ISBN-13 978-0553053524
Weight 2.4 pounds
Dimensions 7.5 x 1.25 x 10.25 inches

I wrote in April of 2000 that I had lost 50 lbs. I’ve lost another 20 lbs – 70 in all and maintain that loss now for almost 4 years using this cookbook. I have given it to many friends and relatives. It has changed my eating style for the better for life. Every time there’s a news story about the best way to eat it mirrors what Ms Shulman teaches in her books. It’s no chore eating this way. I love it.

I wrote that review 4 years ago. In July 1999 I weighed 240 lbs. Now February 2007 I weigh 145 lbs. Yes, almost 100 lbs loss. I now have Mexican Light and Provencial Light too and I love all of them. It’s still easy to eat this way for life.


Minor wear, mainly to back cover but overall in like new condition. 1989.