Marvel Universe Poster #12 Ladies of! Tigra She-Hulk Firestar Oliver Coipel


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Captain Marvel (Photon), Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Storm, Tigra, Hellcat, Firestar, Dazzler, Gwen Stacy, Night Nurse, Shanna the She-Devil, Wasp and Black Widow! Night Nurse (Linda Carter) was rescued by a superhero and afterward began to pay the superhuman community back by ministering to heroes’ health, often pro bono for those without any means of payment, such as Spider-Man. When she first reappeared, she took care of a seriously injured Daredevil following his defeat by the Yakuza. Later, she took care of a badly injured Luke Cage, whose nearly-impenetrable skin required special treatment and who later called on her to help Iron Fist following his unsuccessful encounter with the terrorist group HYDRA. During this time, the Night Nurse became known for her catch phrase “go to the room on the right”. During the superhero “Civil War” over government registration, the Night Nurse took Captain America’s side against the registration act, and joined his resistance group. She assisted operations from SHIELD safe-house number 23.

Near mint condition.