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The Marvel Fact Files are a series of encyclopedic guides which detail the fictional universe featured in Marvel Comics publications. The magazine series is published in the UK by Eaglemoss Publications starting in 2013.

The magazines are published in a similar way to the Master Edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Each issue is a pack of double-sided loose-leaf pages. A three-ring vinyl binder was also released for the pages to be inserted into and is regularly distributed with the magazine.

The online service, based in the UK, prohibits the items to be sold directly to American buyers, however the magazines can be obtained through several comic book speciality stores in the United States and in Europe. The collection was announced to be ending with issue 100 at first but was prolonged to issue 150 in 2015 and to issue 200 in 2016. Eaglemoss have added 50 more issues for 2017, taking the issue total to 250 and making it the most comprehensive Encyclopedia of Marvel with 7500 pages.

Marvel Fact Files SC Magazine #25
Published Aug 2014 by Eaglemoss Publications

Volume 25 – 1st printing. “Moon Knight Cover!” Cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto (from the cover of Moon Knight (2006 3rd Series) #27). Featured in this issue: Moon Knight – Mooncopter cutaway; Spider-Man – the Goblin lives; X-Men – WWI Wolverine. The Marvel Comics Fact Files is a weekly publication that builds up to create a fantastic in-depth guide to the Marvel Universe, packed with information on all the heroes and villains, their weapons, vehicles and technology. Every issue features original cutaway artwork that reveals hidden secrets, detailed profiles of characters, a history of the teams, and a timeline of Marvel’s greatest battles, plus inside information about the history of Marvel Comics. Softcover (Saddle-Stitched), 9-in. x 12-in., 16 pages, full color. Cover price $6.00.

Near mint condition