Marvel Comics Monsters Poster # 8 N’Kantu Living Mummy vs U.S. Army Tank by Gil Kane


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N’Kantu was strapped and bound to a special altar, his body wrapped in papyrus, and his blood was drained and replaced with an unknown alchemical preservative. N’Kantu, who was somehow conscious through the entire ordeal, was then placed inside a stone sarcophagus. 3,000 years later, in modern times, the paralyzing fluid finally wears off and N’Kantu escapes from his tomb. Deranged from being paralyzed in a dark tomb for several millennia, he digs himself free and goes on a rampage in Cairo, Egypt. As a result of the transfusion of an unknown embalming fluid by the Egyptian high priest Nephrus, N’Kantu has superhuman strength and durability. He is highly resistant to many forms of attack. Although his skin is almost rock-hard in consistency, his wrappings are extremely vulnerable to fire. His blood has been replaced with an alchemical preservative that has allowed him to exist for over three thousand years. He also has no need for food, water, oxygen, or sleep. N’Kantu is able to sense mystical energy and the use of magic, he can also sense and recognize Nephrus’ descendants. While he is capable of speech, his body no longer produces saliva and so N’Kantu can only do so with great difficulty and discomfort due to the dryness of his mouth and throat. He is proficient with ancient Swarili, Egyptian and English.

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