Marvel Comics Monsters Poster #35 Dracula vs Frankenstein’s Monster Arthur Adams


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Count Dracula vs Frankenstein’s Monster! Frankenstein’s Monster was built from human corpses by a scientist named Victor Frankenstein, in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, in the late 18th century. His efforts to fit in with regular humanity were futile due to his horrific form, and he was infuriated. Victor Frankenstein created and subsequently killed a mate for the Monster, who killed Frankenstein’s bride Elizabeth in retaliation. After killing several people, the Monster fled to the Arctic. His creator pursued him, but died due to the cold. The Monster, anguished, tried to kill himself but only went into a state of suspended animation from the cold. In the 1890s, heat revived the Monster and he wandered again. He searched for the descendant of Victor Frankenstein and finally ended up in Transylvania. The Monster clashed with Dracula, and his vocal cords were injured. Vincent Frankenstein finally found him and tried to give him a new brain, dying in the process—shot by an angry maidservant before the Monster could kill him. Frustrated, the Monster returned to a state of suspended animation. At some point, the Monster was temporarily pulled out of time to serve in Kang the Conqueror’s Legion of the Unliving to fight the Avengers. The Monster eventually emerged from suspended animation in a glacier to the modern world. The Frankenstein Monster is a result of a biological experiment by Baron Victor Frankenstein which grafted pieces of various corpses together which were animated through an undisclosed procedure involving electricity. The Monster has superhuman strength and stamina, and can be placed in suspended animation when exposed to intense cold without suffering any physical damage.

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