Marvel Comics Monsters Poster #28 Man-Thing Dead of Night by Kaare Andrews


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Man-Thing is a large, slow-moving, empathic, humanoid creature living in the Florida Everglades near the Seminole reservation and the fictitious town of Citrusville. Man-Thing is a former scientist who was transformed into a creature composed of vegetable matter through the synergistic interaction of mystical energy and chemical mutagens. Though the creature now lacks a normal human intellect and has shed any desire to communicate with human society, it nevertheless often becomes an accidental hero as it stumbles upon various crime and horror scenarios. In the pages of the Thunderbolts, Dr. Henry Pym has expressed the view that the Man-Thing is sentient, though difficult to communicate with. For example, he once rescued an infant and left the child with a doctor (which would require an understanding of the function of a doctor and the ability to navigate to a specific address). He is shown to understand concepts such as how to ring a doorbell, how to put an arm in a sling, and even how to flip an auto-destruct switch. The change in Man-Thing’s intellect can partly be explained by fact that its brain, sensory organs, and central nervous system are now organized in a completely different fashion than a human; for instance, Man-Thing’s auditory receptors are in his forehead. Regardless of what level of humanity the creature still possesses, it can discern when a person’s motivations are evil, which causes it pain and motivates it to lash out. The Man-Thing possesses a variety of superhuman powers, described below, that are derived from the interaction of the scientific formula created by Ted Sallis and the mystical energies of the Nexus of Realities. It is able to sense human emotions, and is enraged by fear and automatically secretes a strong chemical corrosive; anyone feeling fear and clutched by the Man-Thing is prone to be burned (either chemically or mystically), hence the series’ tag-line, “Whatever knows fear burns at the touch of the Man-Thing.” Though fear is understandably most people’s response to the creature, both for his monstrous appearance and the physical danger of his touch, typically only villains end up meeting an immolating death at its hands.

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