Magneto Poster FRAMED by Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men


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This framed poster will be shipped in a box with packing peanuts, via priority mail. Please note- you’re not buying the frame in the photos (which has a noticeable scratch)…that is used just for taking pictures. Your frame will be brand new.

Magneto, the malevolent master of magnetism demonstrates his awesome control over one of the greatest forces known to man! Pencils: Jim Lee. Inks: Scott Williams. Color: Gregory Wright. Magneto’s experiences surviving Nazi Germany, Auschwitz, and Vinnytsia would shape his outlook on the situation that mutants face in the Marvel Universe. Determined to keep such atrocities from ever being committed against mutantkind, he is willing to use deadly force to protect mutants. He would believe that mutants (“Homo superior”) will become the dominant life form on the planet and would set about either creating a homeland on Earth where mutants could live peacefully, or conquering and enslaving humanity in the name of mutantkind. Magneto’s first villainous act was attacking a United States military base called Cape Citadel after bringing down missiles. He was defeated by Charles Xavier’s mutant students, the X-Men, in their first mission.

Frame is shrinkwrapped until time of purchase. Ships boxed with packing peanuts.