Justice League Poster Trinity War by Jim Lee Superman Wonder Woman Aquaman Batman SOLD


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Black Adam, Deadman, Flash, Aquaman, Mera, Vibe, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Hawkman, Atom, Cyborg and more! Wonder Woman is fighting Aquaman (with Mera in tow), Superman has smashed one of Cyborg’s arms in the process of slamming a pillar into the chest of a Green Lantern (Simon Baz). Black Adam duels with Deadman (can magic lightning hurt an intangible ghost?), The Flash… runs a lot, and gets socked apparently by Vibe (Geoff’s next pet project?)….and then there’s something about Atom. With the small waist, larger hips, defined posterior and a hint of slightly obscured breast – is this a new female Atom?

Near mint condition.