I Want My MTV VHS Denis Leary Jimmy Cab Driver Randee Redwoods


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A concentrated dose of pure MTV flavor! Remember when MTV was actually watchable? No? Well then, this VHS tape is for you! These “on-air promos” are the essence of MTV’s personality. They’re the station ID’s that created what is now known at “the MTV look.” This collection features the very best of MTV’s short films, on-air promotions, and station identifications…including, of course, the classic I Want My MTV campaign! The whole case of characters is here: the venomous nicotine fiend Denis Leary, Toby Huss (the Frank Sinatra impersonator), Randee of the Redwoods’ bid for the White House, the original roach-infested Joe’s Apartment short film, the inimitable Jimmy The Cab Driver, and tons more of the celebrities, comedians and animated types who have always been the secret ingredient in the tasty delight that is MTV. No fat, just tons of flavor. Approximately 45 minutes. ISBN 1-56406-423-9.


Scratch along side of case; tape unaffected.