Hulk Pin-up FRAMED #13 Doc Samson Ringmaster Dale Keown


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With help from Samson and the Ringmaster’s hypnosis, Banner confronts his other sides as well as two other personalities called Guilt Hulk and Devil Hulk, whom represented Banner’s guilt over his family and Banner’s Hatred of the world. This doesn’t actually make him physically change into either of these personalities but Banner was soon able to gain control and created a merged form, sometimes referred to as the Professor. This Hulk was green and as strong the Green Hulk during his rage. The drawback to this version of the Hulk was that when he got too angry and lost control he reverted back to the body of Bruce Banner with the intelligence of the savage Hulk. Peter David continued his legendary run as writer of The Incredible Hulk, pairing with Dale Keown and merged the green and gray Hulk personalities with Banner’s, creating a new Hulk incarnation. This new incarnation was intelligent and had a completely separate personality. This led to one of the most interesting periods for the Jade Giant, as for the first time it allowed him to act in a heroic capacity within the Marvel Universe.

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