Guide to Beginning Obedience SC Housebreaking Training Dan Gentile Jr


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Guide to Beginning Obedience Paperback
by Dan Gentile (Author)

Developing the full potential of your dog is one of the most demanding tasks an owner can undertake. It requires time, patience, understanding and the skills of a professional. Dan Gentile, Jr., one of America’s foremost trainers of dogs and dog handlers, can provide you with that expertise.

Paperback: 64 pages
Publisher: Tfh Pubns Inc

This is a good, really basic book. It’s probably not going to be the last training book that you buy, but it’s worth it for the simple instructions and nice photos.

Sticker on front cover. Slight wear to spine. 0-7938-1882-6.


Back of book got wet. Pages have that wavy feel when wet pages dry. No sticking. 1st print.