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No address printed on cover. Naruto Clash of the Ninja two page review, Naruto Ninja Council review, Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 preview, Naruto Ultimate Ninja preview, two page PS3 overview with game previews, six page 25 for 2006 article with previews of upcoming games, LamePro, Grandia III three page strategy guide, Stranglehold two page preview, Okami preview, Drive Parallel Lines preview, TimeShift preview, Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence review, The Outfit review, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams review, Marc Ecko’s Getting Up review, Sonic Riders review, Super Princess Peach preview, New Super Mario Bros preview, Exit preview, Metal Gear Acid 2 preview, Resident Evil Deadly Silence review, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max review, Pokemon Trozei review, Pursuit Force review, Fight Night Round 3 review, Top Spin 2 preview, Kingdom Hearts II preview, Shadow Hearts From the New World review, Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King review, MS Saga A New Dawn review,