Game Informer 227 NM Final Fantasy XV Wraparound Cvr Adr1ft No Man’s Sky


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Game Informer #227 – Address printed on back cover. Five page article on the coming wave of virtual reality headsets, three page article on the hottest Indie games of GDC 2016, article on the melding of Xbox One and Windows 10, Street Fighter V developer interview, two page interview with Psyonix CEO Dave Hagewood, eighteen page article on Final Fantasy XV, two page article on the expansions to the Final Fantasy universe, six page article on The Banner Saga 2, two page preview of Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End, two page preview of No Man’s Sky, Paragon preview, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir preview, Necropolis preview, I Am Setsuna preview, Dangerous Golf preview, Overland preview, Tyranny preview, Minecraft preview (Oculus Rift port), Hand of Fate 2 preview, Crowfall preview, Dark Souls III review, The Division review, Quantum Break review, Hitman Episode 1 review, UFC 2 review, Adr1ft review, Stardew Valley review, four page classic article on the Fire Emblem franschise and much more!

Near mint condition.