Forge Volume 2 TP Crossgen Meridian Sigil 1st print Crux Sojourn


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For less than the cost of a movie and popcorn (size: small), you can have 224 pages of full-color story and art from the most diverse publisher in the business. And it looks good on your shelf! This month in FORGE: two chapters each of CRUX (#4 & #5), MERIDIAN (#16 & #17), and SOJOURN (#2 & #3), plus NEGATION #1 and, because we like you, the first installment of THE PATH. Bart Sears and Ron Marz have teamed up to deliver a new age samurai epic, and you can read the first 32 pages in CrossGens manga-style monthly compendium. FORGE. Too thick to ignore. Too cheap to pass up. 224pgs

Collects CRUX 4-5, MERIDIAN 16-17, SOJOURN 2-3, NEGATION 1 and THE PATH 1. Near mint, 1st print.