Fantastic Four Poster #53 vs Mole Man and Giganto by Arthur Adams


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The first Giganto seen was one of the mutates created by the Deviant scientists to serve as part of Kro’s invasion force when gathered on Monster Island. After Monster Hunters forced Kro to leave Monster Island, Giganto and the other Deviant Mutates found a new master known as the Mole Man and the Deviant Mutates live with him in Subterranea. The Mole Man unleashed Giganto upon the surface world to attack and destroy chemical plants in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Australia, South America, and French Africa. It brought the attention to the Fantastic Four who headed to Monster Island. The Mole Man unleashed Giganto upon them until it was held back by the Human Torch’s attacks. A Giganto with a lizard-like appearance followed the Fantastic Four back to New York where it fought them. Giganto is of superhuman size, and possesses and unknown degree of superhuman strength and endurance. It also an expert at digging tunnels, and can hold its breath beneath water for an extended period.

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