Electronic Gaming Monthly 212 2007 Best Year Ever? Lost Planet Crackdown


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Address printed on cover. Cliff Bleszinski / Gears of War three page interview, Koji Igarashi / Castlevania Portrait of Ruin interview, Bill Trinen / Zelda Twilight Princess interview, Mass Effect preview, Crackdown preview, Blue Dragon preview, Mercenaries 2 preview, Ninja Gaiden Sigma preview, Bioshock preview, Half Life 2: Orange preview (Orange Box), Warhawk preview, Halo 3 preview, Warioware Smooth Moves review, Wii Play review, Full Auto 2 review, Lost Planet four page review, Rogue Galaxy review, Hotel Dusk Room 215 review, Phoenix Wright review, Star Wars Lethal Alliance review, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops review, Hiromichi Tanaka / Final Fantasy III GBA interview.