Electronic Gaming Monthly 179 NM Knights of the Old Republic 2 Cvr


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No address on cover. Spine pulled off from ad, binding is good. Metroid Prime 2 preview, Paper Mario 2 preview, Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures preview, Gameboy Advance SP Limited Edition NES article, Pikmin 2 preview, Fire Emblem preview, Donkey Konga preview, Nokia N-Gage QD article, Ghost Recon 2 two page preview, Ninja Gaiden’s Tomonobu Itagaki two page interview, PSP Death Jr article, Psi-Ops Mindgate Conspiracy preview, Thief Deadly Shadows preview, Michelle Rodriguez interview, Def Jam Vendetta article, ApeXreme article, Onimusha 3 Demon Siege article, Ace Combat 5 preview, five page article detailing upcoming movie-based games, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Sith Lords seven page feature, Hitman Contracts review, Alias review, NBA Ballers review, Serious Sam Next Encounter review, Syphon Filter Omega Strain two page review, Destruction Derby Arenas review, La Pucelle Tactics review, Final Fantasy XI Online two page review, Resident Evil Outbreak review, Samurai Warriors review, Transformers PS2 review, Siren review, Steel Battalion Line of Contact review, TOCA Race Driver 2 Ultimate Racing Simulator review, Custom Robo review, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow two pages of strategies, Metroid Zero Mission’s 8 endings detailed, Hsu & Chan strip.