Dynamic Anatomy SC Burne Hogarth Measurements, Proportions, Anatomical Details


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Dynamic Anatomy
by Burne Hogarth (Author), Joe Kubert (Preface)

Exploring the expressive structure of the human form from an artist’s point of view, this study describes the relationship of muscles and their effect on surrounding forms. The author demonstrates how to portray the anatomical details of the human figure in action and at rest.

This award-winning book brilliantly reveals the live, expressive structure of the human form. Superb action studies and practical diagrams show how to render the anatomical details of the figure in motion and at rest.

Paperback: 232 pages
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications

The inimitable Burne Hogarth breaks down, with startling simplicity, the secrets and tricks behind inventing YOUR OWN dynamic action poses! Once you’ve mastered his techniques, you REALLY WON’T ever need reference again!

As an artist (15 years illustrating), I can whole-heartedly reccomend this book to any other artists (especially aspiring comic and sequential artists), struggling with the difficulties of posing the human figure in deep perspective (and making it look right).

While I’m not a big fan of Hogarth’s style (all the drawings… hundreds of them… are rendered in his style), I was nonetheless SO blown away by the techniques he revealed that I went and bought ALL the other Hogarth books.

For the experienced artist… the benefit is this: Burne Hogarth doesn’t try and teach you how to draw like HIM. He shows you how to use what he knows, to better serve your OWN art. And his tricks are time tested! Well worth the investment.

Bottom right corner a little rounded. Otherwise in brand new condition. 0-8230-1551-3.


Highlighting in perhaps the first third of the book. Folding to early pages and front cover.