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Dreamland Paperback
by Sarah Dessen (Author)

From the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Once and For All

Love can be a very dangerous thing.
After her sister left, Caitlin felt lost.
Then she met Rogerson.
When she’s with him, nothing seems real.

But what happens when being with Rogerson becomes a larger problem than being without him?

“Another pitch-perfect offering from Dessen.” —Booklist, starred review

Sarah Dessen is the winner of the Margaret A. Edwards Award for her contributions to YA literature, as well as the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award.

Publisher Speak (2000)
Paperback 272 pages
ISBN-13 978-0142401750
Age 12 – 17 years
Weight 9.4 ounces
Dimensions 5.5 x 0.73 x 8.3 inches

Of all the book’s of Sarah’s this is the one that made me cry more, there were parts were I was just crying so hard that I could barely read.

The story goes like this:
On the moring of Caitlin’s sixteen birthday Cass, her “perfect” older sister, runs out with her boyfriend Adam, chosing New York over Yale and leaving Caitlin’s family chrushed. Caitlin’s father feels betrayed by his daugther, her mom barely realizes of anything anymore, and Caitlin is left alone to start her junior year with out her sister, with the sole support of Rina, her best friend, and Boo and Stuart, neighboors and best family friends.

Rina convinces Caitlin to try out for cheerleading, because that was one of the few things that Cass never did.

Surprisingly and not really wanting to, she ends up being picked out for squad. After one of her games, Caitlin, Rina and another cheerleader stop in a carwash and there she meets Rogerson Briscoe, and things heat up with him.

Suddenly he is everywere, and Caitlin suddenly finds herself with a brilliant cool boyfriend.

Rogerson, however, has lots of long stories… and lots of dark secrets. Caitlin doesn’t care, he is taking her places where Cass has never been. One day, Rogerson’s dark secret comes out, when he hits Caitlin for the fisrt time. Not ready to leave him yet, she stays.

And the story goes on, Caitlin has fallen into a box, sealed with love and need, feeling trapt but lacking the will to scape, she hides the bruises and resumes to Dreamland… were things don’t seem so bad.

All the characters are wonderful, Caitlin and Rogerson relationship well descrived, Boo and Stuart, Rina, Cass, Corina… I highly recomend this book.

It’s goes beyond the hiting problem, i think you can identify yourself there because more than about domestic violence, is about finding yourself when there are no pointers showing the way.

One of my favorite parts is when Caitlin wonders what would she think if saw this photograph of this girl that sits in her boyfriends lap so easily and how happy both looked (the ones in the photo are her and Rogerson), she says that she would have think that her life was perfect, just like once she had believed Cass’s life to be perfect, she says that she had learned it was too easy to just assume things.


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