Dragon Ball Poster # 2 Kami (Kami-sama) by Akira Toriyama


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A lone Namek that was sent to Earth before his planet was hit by a comet, Kami grew up on earth all alone. After he grew up, Kami attempted to become God of Earth but was denied because of the evil in his heart. After splitting himself away from his evil, he became God and protector of the Earth. However, his evil side formed into a demon named Piccolo Daimoa, to whom Kami had a spiritual link; if one died, the other would die as well. When Goku killed Piccolo Daimoa, Kami survived because Piccolo created an offspring before he died. Eventually Piccolo becomes good merges back together with Kami during the Cell Saga so he can defeat the Androids.

Near mint condition.