Dork 10 NM Evan Dorkin


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Dork (1993 Slave Labor) 1st Printing #10
Published Sep 2001 by Slave Labor

Cover art by Evan Dorkin.

More Advertising Characters Of Yesteryear. As Seen On TV; Josh and Bill defend fandom when a shopping channel host mispronounces the creator names and the origin stories of the comic books he’s trying to hawk. Mighty Carl Jung; Carl Jung is captured by an expedition to Switzerland and put on display as an attraction. How To Get Your Azz Kicked In 3 E-Z Lessons. The Invisible College Of Secret Knowledge; The Devil Puppet holds court as he shares three tales: The Spaghetti Kid, The Great Macy’s Balloon Hunt, and the story of Dr. Fredric Wertham. 28 pgs.

Near mint, 1st print.