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Life-Size [VHS]
Lindsay Lohan (Actor), Jere Burns (Actor), Mark Rosman (Director, Writer) Rated: NR (Not Rated) Format: VHS Tape

Unhappy and lonely after her mother’s death, Casey (Lindsay Lohan) attempts to resurrect her mother, but a minor mishap changes the results of her spell and brings an unwanted doll named Eve (Tyra Banks) to life instead. Eve is elated when she first encounters the smells and flavors of real life, but is shocked to realize that she’s not the perfect role model she’s always considered herself to be. Casey initially despises Eve–she never wanted this doll in the first place and now she’s ruined her chances of bringing her mother back to life. But as Eve grows, she brings out the best in Casey, encouraging her to renew old friendships and spurring personal growth and healing. Even Casey’s father (Jere Burns) rises above his grief and builds a better relationship with his daughter as a result of his interaction with Eve. This is an entertaining, 89-minute video that juxtaposes the stresses and disappointments of the real world, with their accompanying potential for personal growth, against what initially appears to be a stereotypically idyllic world. What makes the movie powerful is its suggestion that that ideal world is inherently flawed. Performances by Lindsay Lohan (The Parent Trap), supermodel Tyra Banks (Higher Learning), and Jere Burns (television’s Something So Right) are very good. The story, while based on a fairly unreal premise, successfully explores some very real issues facing kids today.

Actors: Lindsay Lohan, Jere Burns, Anne Marie DeLuise, Garwin Sanford, Tom Butler
Directors: Mark Rosman
Writers: Mark Rosman, Stephanie Moore
Producers: Bill Unger, E. Jeffrey Smith, Fitch Cady
Format: Closed-captioned, Color, NTSC
Language: English
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Number of tapes: 1
Studio: Walt Disney Video
VHS Release Date: May 30, 2000
Run Time: 101 minutes

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Casey Stewart (Lindsay Lohan, The Parent Trap) is having a tough teenage life. Her mother has recently passed away, and her father, Ben (Jere Burns) is always busy. He always tries to make it to her football games, but he always misses them. Casey feels that the answer to all her problems would be to bring her mother back to life.

Casey is given a birthday gift by Ben’s co-worker, Drew (Anne Marie Loder), and the gift is an Eve doll which doesn’t really interest Casey. When Casey tries to cast a spell to bring her mother back to life, she accidentaley brings back to life the Eve doll. Now, Eve (Tyra Banks, Halloween: Resurrection) is a human with the thoughts of a doll. Casey thinks this is terrible…but it gets even worse when she realizes that her dad has gotten a crush on the doll.

LIFE-SIZE is such an entertaining movie. It is a great movie for the entire family. Not only was there an excellent script, but the actors were wonderful–especially Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks. Each scene was full of humor, especially when Eve was a complete idiot. Despite the comedy of the movie, the end was very sad and could make anyone cry. I recommend this movie to anyone…even to people who hate dolls.

Two things happened on the way to what was meant to be a typically upbeat, light-hearted, happy-ending Disney production. First, they gave it a poignant, very human story-line: the difficulties a man and his daughter have in coping with the traumatic death of his wife and her mother. Second, they cast Lindsay Lohan as the thirteen year old daughter. The ability to bring depth to a character in a lighthearted comedy is perhaps as much or greater a challenge than in a serious drama (check out Roddy McDowell’s performance as the butler in “Overboard”). Miss Lohan has accomplished this twice in as many movie roles – or should I say three times, considering the two subtly different personalities she carved out of the twins in “Parent Trap”. In “Life-size” she brought life to a doll, but more important she brought life to what could easily have been an adolescent stereotype. The control she has over her facial expressions is fantastic. A light roll of the eyes, a krinkle at the corner of her mouth, a guilty grin open up little windows that bring reality to the heart of her character. It’s worth the price of the video to experience the sparkle of Tyra Banks, the sensitivity of Jere Burns, but most of all to witness another example of Lindsay Lohan’s masterful acting talent.


Case slightly squished. VHS itself is near mint. Tape is completely rewinded for your convenience.