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Desserts (Exotic Desserts for Gourmets) Hardcover
by Koneman (Editor)

The arts of cooking, baking, and confection-making have always played an integral role in festive occasions the world over, and are an especially important part of French cultural heritage. In recent years the interest in less familiar regions and their culinary traditions has grown. The series Delices Creole: Exotic Desserts from the French Caribbean is dedicated to the sweet delicacies of that distant island paradise.

The desserts look so delicious, that one feels like eating the book! The whole presentation is up to the excellent standards of Konemann. The book size is 11.25″w x 12″h. A wonderful book for a present! As with all the Konemann cookery books, every single recipe is accompanied by a photograph with an emphasis on presentation.

Series: Exotic Desserts for Gourmets
Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Konemann

The recipes and serving suggestions in this book are delicious and gorgeous, and consequently sometimes very difficult to make. Some ingridients that are listed are either not available in the US or substitutes are not adequately displayed. The recipes can sometimes lack vital explanation for a beginner, and a recipe may reference a basic recipe (the appendix contains recipes for basic components of desserts), without listing the additional ingridients needed for the recipe. The difficulty ratings can be deceiving. Nonetheless, I give this book 5 stars because the end product after hours of trying, restarting and wasting lots of egg yolks, is always fantastic.

Book and dust jacket are in near mint condition. 1st U.S. printing. 3-8290-2762-1.


Book and dust jacket are in near mint condition. 1st U.S. printing.