Deathlok 5 FN Condition X-Men Wolverine Fantastic Four


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Deathlok (1991 1st Series) #5
Published Nov 1991 by Marvel

Cover pencils by Denys Cowan, inks by Mike Manley

The Souls of Cyber-Folk Part 4: Deus Ex Machina, script by Dwayne McDuffie, pencils by Denys Cowan, inks by Mike Manley. After his stand-off with Doc Doom, Deathlok assembles the Doombusters! Who are the heroes committed to the cause of taking Doom out? And will the team be able to unite for their common cause? Featuring Wolverine, Jubilee, Forge, and Storm of the X-Men, plus the Fantastic Four! 36 pgs.

Fine cond. 1st print.