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Death Dealer (2007 Image) #1B

Published Mar 2007 by Image


FRANK FRAZETTA’s legendary creation is brought to life in this epic, ages-spanning tale of dark fantasy, magic and horror. Critically acclaimed novelist and comics writer JOSHUA ORTEGA (THE NECROMANCER, STAR WARS) teams up with cult-favorite artists NAT JONES (SPAWN: THE DARK AGES, ROB ZOMBIE’S THE NAIL) and JAY FOTOS (SPAWN, ’68) to bring you the first DEATH DEALER tale worthy of FRAZETTA’s blessing-this one’s been approved every step of the way by the Master himself! A new era for the DEATH DEALER begins here-don’t miss out on the definitive story of FRAZETTA’s most famous creation! TAGLINE: You know the painting-now experience the legend!

The iconic painting comes to life in this epic tale of dark fantasy and horror! The land of Iparsia is at war. Two kingdoms fight for survival as an ancient evil sweeps across the land. The Death Dealer returns to Iparsia, but will the dark rider bring an end to the war… or will he bring an end to Iparsia?

Death Dealer is a 1973 fantasy painting by American artist Frank Frazetta. It depicts a menacing armor-clad warrior with a horned helmet, whose facial features are obscured by shadow, atop a horse, holding a bloody bearded axe and shield. The image eventually led to spin-offs of varying merchandise, including subsequent paintings of the warrior, novels, statues, a comic book series published by Verotik and another by Image Comics, and related D&D adventures, published by Goodman Games.

Frazetta later painted several other Death Dealer paintings, including ones to be used as covers for the comic book series. In 2007, Image Comics/Frazetta Comics published the Death Dealer: Shadows of Mirahan 6 issue miniseries featuring Death Dealer in the first story fully approved by Frank Frazetta. The book’s creators are Nat Jones, Jay Fotos, and Joshua Ortega. The story was written by Jones, Fotos and Ortega, with pencils and inks by Jones, and colors by Fotos. The story tells of an ancient land, and two warring nations fighting in an epic war. The Death Dealer appears on the field of battle and slaughters both sides. When the two kingdoms forged an alliance, the Dealer disappears for years but returns years later.

This comic is sure to please fans of Frank Frazetta as well as lovers of comics or great fantasy art. Although it does not contain original Frazetta art, Nat Jones and Jay Fotos bring Frazetta’s most iconic character to life like never before while sticking to the style that makes Frazetta paintings so powerful. Together with Joshua Ortega, these artists have created a strikingly vivid atmosphere with mystery, adventure, and beauty that I’m sure Frazetta himself is happy with.

It tells the tale of the rebirth of the Death Dealer, who comes to save the lands of Isparia from the menacing Mirahan, a sort of daemon bent on destroying all of life. The Death Dealer himself remains much of a mystery here, never uttering a word, but facing the darkness with grim determination. Other characters in the story are more developed and bring the human emotions of love, fear, bravery, and sacrifice. The story primarily revolves around them.

Overall, this is an excellent tribute to Frazetta’s creation, full of breathtaking art and containing a good story.

Frank Frazetta illustrated a number of characters such as Conan The Barbarian, John Carter, Tarzan and Vampirella. In the height of his career, he decided to create his own character, one that he would fully own the rights to. His character: a symbol of death. Before a narrative even existed, Frazetta’s Death Dealer became iconic and known all around the globe. A few years after Frazetta created his masterpiece, his artwork was licensed by the band Molly Hatchet for their debut album in 1978. Death Dealer even inspired Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta’s most mysterious character, “Dark Wolf“ for their collaborative 1983 film, “Fire and Ice.”

Death Dealer later had a series of comics and novels come to market, which Frazetta hoped would lead to an animation or live action movie based on one of the two. Unfortunately, Frazetta wasn’t able to see that happen in his lifetime.

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