Cyberpunk # 1 Innovation Comics Scott Rockwell Darryl Banks


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Cyberpunk (1989) #1
Published Sep 1989 by Innovation.

Writer Scott Rockwell
Artist Darryl Banks

Topo is a cyberpunk, a “juggler” who gets his thrills playing on a worldwide computer network. But unlike the internet junkies of today, the jugglers in this game actually plug their minds directly into the network, controlling their movements through brainwaves and entering a new reality within the computer.

In this first Cyberpunk book, writer Scott Rockwell spins an engaging tale of alienation, corruption, and ultra-high technology. Topo must enter the network to save a former lover, Juno, who has fallen into the clutches of Roi, the depraved head of a ruthless corporation. As he “jacks in” to battle Roi’s electronic defenses, he discovers that Roi has actually wiped out Juno’s mind, transferring it into the computer. Unless he can defeat Roi on the electronic playing field, Juno will be lost to him forever.

Few stresses to spine. Bottom right corner dinged. 1st print.