CVO Poster # 1 Covert Vampire Operations by Alex Garner


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American intelligence services have a secret weapon ? and it has fangs! CVO ? vampire operatives who spy for the United States, dealing with the most dangerous global threats.

Alex Garner worked as an artist for Wildstorm Production since 1993 through 1999. During that time, he has become one of the most popular comic book artists of the last decade and has worked on two of the best-selling comic books of the 1990’s – Gen13 and Danger Girl.

When a foreign power has weapons of mass destruction, biological warfare and a really insane guy running the show, you have to fight back with something very different. Thats just what the U.S. government does when they unleash the most unusual covert team of all: a specialized team of vampire agents who dont mind if a little blood is spilled. In fact…they like it that way.

A tyrant with a taste for chaos and destruction has possession of Russian nukes that he plans on putting into some very wrong hands. The United States meets this threat with CVO: Covert Vampiric Operations, a unique team of vampires who use their occult powers to try to avert nuclear disaster. This team is hard to kill…mostly because theyre already dead.

Alex Garner, award-winning inker/artist of Danger Girl takes on a new challenge as he makes his writing debut with an exciting story that mirrors todays headlines with a taste of supernatural espionage and warfare.

“I’ve worked in various other aspects of comics, mostly on the art side,” writer Alex Garner said. “But this was my first chance to tell a story that was really my own, and to see what the process was all about from that angle. Its been a great opportunity”.

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