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Cow (1995) #3
Published 1995 by Monsterpants

Writers: Chad Verrill, Danielle Ste. Just, Gordana Basta, Ian Smith, Jake Wyckoff, James Felix McKenney, Michael T. Gilbert, Miss Lasko-Gross, Pete Sickman-Garner, Rick Limacher

Artists: Alan W. Limacher, Aleksandar Zograf, Chad Verrill, Danielle Ste. Just, Jake Wyckoff, Miss Lasko-Gross, Pete Sickman-Garner, Rick Limacher, Tyson Smith

Cow is an anthology title that publishes short (one to four pages, generally) black-and-white strips by fringe artists and writers who often make up in artistic ambition and offbeat creativity what they lack in formal art and storytelling skills. A few of the pieces are “gag” strips with a conventional punchline; others are exercises in observation, irony, or very dry wit, generally illustrated in a minimalist style. A few contributors strive for poignancy, others for surrealism, shock value, or simple nihilism. The effect of an entire 32-page issue is thoroughly postmodern.

Cow is published and distributed with the typical 1990s do-it-yourself aesthetic, and features the work of creators such as Rich Limacher, Alexander Zograh, Jennifer Gonzalez, Mike Cusimano, and Miss Lasko-Gross.

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