Communication of the ACM Magazine 2/2020 Vol 63 # 2 ML-Centric Cloud Platforms


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Communication of the ACM Magazine 2/2020 Vol 63 # 2 ML-Centric Cloud Platforms

Communications of the ACM is the monthly journal of the Association for Computing Machinery. It was established in 1958, with Saul Rosen as its first managing editor. It is sent to all ACM members. Articles are intended for readers with backgrounds in all areas of computer science and information systems.

Start small, then achieve big impact


On durability

Sizing the U.S. student cohort for computer science
The Communications Web site,, features more than a dozen bloggers in the BLOG@CACM community. In each issue of Communications, we’ll publish selected posts or excerpts.

Learning to trust quantum computers
They need to show us they can solve the biggest problems.

Dark web’s doppelgängers aim to dupe antifraud systems
Digital doppelgängers that fool online payment fraud detection systems are a threat to your bank balance.

Tracking shoppers
Retailers of all stripes are using technology to follow consumers through their brick-and-mortar stores in order to develop detailed profiles of their shopping habits and preferences.

COLUMN: Global computing

Are we losing momentum?
Estimating when the second half of the world will come online.

Are you sure your software will not kill anyone?
Using software to control potentially unsafe systems requires the use of new software and system engineering approaches.

Numbers are for computers, strings are for humans
How and where software should translate data into a human-readable form.

When human-computer interaction meets community citizen science
Empowering communities through citizen science.

Guiding students to develop essential skills
Students should interact with one another to practice skills and construct their own understanding, with assistance from a teacher acting as a coach and guide—not a lecturer.

Opening up the baseboard management controller
If the CPU is the brain of the board, the BMC is the brain stem.

Optimizations in C++ compilers
A practical journey.

Toward ML-centric cloud platforms
Exploring the opportunities to use ML, the possible designs, and our experience with Microsoft Azure.

Directions for professional social matching systems
Future PSM systems will require diversity-enhancing yet contextually sensitive designs.

Fuzzing: hack, art, and science
Reviewing software testing techniques for finding security vulnerabilities.

Technical perspective: Lighting the way to visual privacy

Automating visual privacy protection using a smart LED
The ubiquity of mobile camera devices has been triggering an outcry of privacy concerns, whereas existing privacy protection solutions still rely on the cooperation of the photographer or camera hardware, which can hardly be enforced in practice. In …

‘Everything fails all the time’
Werner Vogels, an expert on ultra-scalable systems, talks about listening to customers, reconceptualizing the stack, and building a product-centered culture.

Systems security
Cloud computing
Computer vision
Computing education
Ubiquitous and mobile computing
Cloud computing
Collaborative and social computing theory, concepts and paradigms
Computing organizations
Content match advertising
Context specific languages
Corporate surveillance
Database design and models
Database interoperability
E-commerce infrastructure
Electronic commerce
Financial crime
Identity theft
Machine learning
Network reliability
PCB design and layout
Printed circuit boards
Privacy protections
Quantum communication and cryptography
Quantum computation
Recommender systems
Secure online transactions
Social recommendation
Software notations and tools
Software testing and debugging

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