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Comics Buyer’s Guide #1599
Published Dec 2004 by DynaPubs

This issue of the world’s longest-running magazine about comics includes the following: a feature on The Incredibles; Geoff Johns on Hal Jordan’s return; “Comics Ideas Gone Wrong”; Andrew Smith on revising Green Lantern’s history; a piece on The Anti-Fly League; plus the usual reviews, price guide, news items, and more. December 2004.

5 pages of Incredibles articles, Sin City movie article, Batman Begins article, Hal Jordan / Green Lantern returns 3 page article, Denny O’Neil Batman Begins article, 14 page article on comics ideas gone wrong (Catwoman movie, Jean Grey wasn’t Phoenix, Hal Jordan goes insane, etc), six page article on Diamond, The Complete Bone review, Fred Ladd article, Lady Death The Motion Picture DVD review, five page article on Green Lanterns history, two page Conan article, the Origins of Mile High Comics by Chuck Rozanski, dozens of pages of comic/graphic novel and DVD reviews, Peter David’s But I Digress column, price guide, industry news a Dork Tower strip and much more! No address on cover.

Cover price $5.99.

Near mint condition.

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