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Cavewoman Prehistoric Pinups (2001) #5
Published Jul 2007 by Basement

Regular cover edition. by Budd Root

Budd’s bestselling pin-up series is back with a special ‘stone age pinups’ edition, filled with illustrations of Meriem alongside cave bears, cavemen, sabretooths, and mammoths! Budd’s been known to toss in guest appearances of some of his favorite stars, and this issue has the cast of The Wizard of Oz, The Beatles, Jimmy Stewart, and more! It’s a fun-filled book dedicated to a sick friend of his who commissioned many of the pieces you’ll see in this book. His friend keeps his spirits up – and you will too, after seeing some of the incredible artwork that graces these pages! The most unique Prehistoric Pin-Ups to date will please even the most ardent Cavewoman art fans! Mature readers – contains nudity. Cover price $3.50.

Minor spine stresses, see pics, 1st print.