Cavewoman Meriem’s Gallery 1 Special Ed COA Devon Massey Cover


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Cavewoman Meriem’s Gallery (2001) #1B
Published 2001 by Basement

Special edition cover by Devon Massey, limited to 750 copies. Comes with Basement Comics Certificate of Authenticity. Art by Devon Massey

A collection of pin-ups featuring Budd Root’s voluptuous superwoman Meriem Cooper in various cheesecake poses, by Root’s understudy Devon Massey. This is easily his best work ever done, and is light years ahead of anything he has done before. Devon has created 24 new pieces specifically for this edition, meaning that none of these pieces of artwork have ever been seen before now! You’ll see page after page of Meriem in a combination of black and white and color pin-ups in all sorts of poses, many of them mature — too spicy to see print in a regular edition of a Cavewoman book. Fans of Cavewoman will not be disappointed! 24 pages, PC/PB&W. Mature Readers.

Near mint, 1st print.