Cameron’s Commitment HC Philip McCutchan 1989 St Martin’s Press


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Cameron’s Commitment Hardcover
by Philip McCutchan (Author)

In this World War II naval adventure, Lieutenant Donald Cameron is given command of the light cruiser “Castile,” which is slated for a dangerous and desperate venture on the coast of occupied France

For almost a third of this WW II naval adventure, the crew of the British light cruiser Castile are in the dark as to the ship’s mission. Lt.-Commander Donald Cameron, heading a smaller-than-usual crew, takes the Castile from Portsmouth on England’s South coast to a sea basin off Northern Scotland for a hurried, hush-hush refitting, and then takes on board a contingent of Royal Marines. Eventually we learn that the Castile is to be scuttled on the defense-works of Nazi-occupied Dieppe and that the Marines plan to rescue the British leader of a Resistance group. Along the way, as usual ( Cameron’s Troop Lift ), McCutchan delves into the inner lives of the men under the stalwart, if phlegmatic, Cameron. We meet chief petty officer “Bull—-” Shine, yeoman Robbins and ordinary seaman MacTavish, the last a “bad ‘un” who redeems himself under fire. Presenting a wide-angled view of home-front hardships and personal problems, McCutchan delivers a good, gritty look at the dynamics of wartime existence.

“McCutchan’s tightest, most inviting plot.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A first rate adventure series.” – Publishers Weekly

Hardcover: 190 pages
Publisher: St. Martins Press

The Second World War. The Nazis occupy France. Air raids regularly pummel British cities.

And the HMS Castile, a light cruiser with an extensive history, has just launched on her final mission, with Lieutenant-Commander Donald Cameron of the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve in command.

Although the post would normally go to a captain in the regular navy, the Castile’s last voyage is no ordinary one.

Her crew has been handpicked by Winston Churchill himself, many with prior connections to the ship, and slated for a special – and perilous – mission… one that the crew only learns about once they’re on their way.

The Prime Minister has implemented a desperate strategy to carry the Allies through one of the most dangerous engagements in the war, along the darkened coast of occupied France. The Castile makes her way towards Dieppe, destined to become a blockship.

Everyone aboard, from Cameron down to the lowliest rating, knows there’s a good chance none of them will be coming back.

Dieppe is dangerous, and made even more so by the ship’s second mission: to extract an English agent before the Nazis get to him themselves.

As they face possible extermination, the crew’s minds drift across the Channel towards home, and the family, friends, and lovers they have left behind.

For Cameron, his parents weigh heavily on his mind.

For First Lieutenant John Brown, it’s his wife of only a year that occupies his thoughts. Lieutenant Blake dreams of his wife and leaving behind a life at sea to which he is not suited. Navigator Hugh Batten hopes desperately for revenge against the Nazis for the deaths of his wife and their two small children.

These men, and so many others, steam onwards, guiding their old ship and her valiant crew once more into the fray, knowing all too well that most of them go to meet their maker.

War is never kind, but the duty of the men who serve on the HMS Castile is clear: for Queen and country and the free world they fight until the end.

Book is in near mint condition. Dust jacket has shelf wear, most noticeable on the edges of the spine. 1st U.S. printing. 0-312-02532-7.


Book is in near mint condition. Dust jacket has shelf wear, most noticeable on the edges of the spine. 1st U.S. printing.