Brinke Stevens Pin-up # 1 MATTED Nightmare Sisters


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This is a small pin-up with a white mat 10×8 frame. Very lightweight, pretty small…priced accordingly.

Nightmare Sisters (also released as Sorority Succubus Sisters) is a 1988 direct-to-video, low-budget, erotic comedy. It is notable as one of only two films in which 1980s scream queens Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer appear together.

Buck-toothed Melody, bespectacled Marci, and chubby Mickey are socially awkward sorority sisters. Desperate for some fun, they invite a trio of equally nerdy fraternity pledges over for a party. The party fizzles and the guys are on the verge of leaving when the girls try to liven things up by holding a séance. The crystal ball they use at the séance is cursed and causes the girls to become possessed by a succubus.

The suddenly sexy (and mostly nude) girls share some pie and a bath and then set out to seduce and murder their guests. The girls take on new personas to help them trap their prey. Mickey becomes a bikini-clad jungle girl, Marci transforms herself into a pigtail-sporting naughty girl, and Melody changes into a wild rock chick. The boys fight temptation and try to find help for the girls. The situation gets more complicated when the boys’ loutish fraternity brothers show up looking to score.

Brinke Stevens as Marci

The film was intended for the video rental market and possibly showings on late night cable television. Nightmare Sisters disappeared from sight shortly after being released. The company distributing the film abruptly went out of business with the result that less than 2,000 copies of the tape were ever distributed. The film became an instant obscurity.

Over the next decade, the popularity of the three actresses, word of mouth about the famous bathtub scene, and the scarcity of the film caused it to develop a cult reputation.

Brinke Stevens (born Charlene Elizabeth Brinkman; September 20, 1954) is an American actress, model and writer.

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