Black Cross Pin-up # 1 Kilian Plunkett


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Black Cross! The future can be a tough place to make a living — especially in an America-gone-to-hell in the every-man-for-himself, lingering death of worldwide economic collapse. Still, there’s always a demand for a man with the right kind of skills, and nobody is better at what he does than Conrad. This time out, he’s riding shotgun for a dangerous, gun-running brunette with a penchant for playing both sides against the middle — which is exactly where Conrad finds himself standing when it all hits the fan! Chris Warner’s Black Cross graced the cover and interiors of the very first issue of Dark Horse Presents and has been featured in many short stories since.

Kilian Plunkett is an artist who has worked on numerous Star Wars projects. He has worked for Dark Horse Comics on several high profile Star Wars comic series and is now at Lucasfilm Animation. He was the lead character designer on Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars and he is currently the art director on Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels. Plunkett eventually became a fan-favorite Star Wars cover artist at Dark Horse throughout the 1990s, rising amongst the ranks of such noteworthy Star Wars comics cover painters as Dave Dorman, Hugh Fleming, and Duncan Fegredo. He produced a number of memorable covers and interior-art for various Star Wars series and has, in one form or another, become a pivotal Star Wars artist of recent times. In the comics world, Plunkett is known for unique covers that blend animation-style fluidity with painterly effects, dynamic action and, at times, humor.

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