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Battle Chasers (1998) #6A

Published Aug 1999 by Image
Written by Munier Sharrieff
Art and cover by Joe Madureira and Tom McWeeney
32 pages, full color

Last issue’s battle has drawn Garrison out of seclusion, but a dark figure from his past resurfaces who hopes to force him back into retirement…permanently! Meanwhile, Gully learns more about the power of her gloves–and the fate of her father.

Battle Chasers was a groundbreaking fantasy comic book that emerged onto the comics scene in 1998, when independent comic publishers were finally giving the big two — DC and Marvel — a run for their money. Despite the sporadic release dates of Battle Chasers’ issues, the series won the hearts of many readers, only to disappear like a shooting star when Joe Madureira went on to pursue interests in the video gaming industry.

Gully is the ten-year-old daughter of this world’s mightiest hero, Aramus. Now with Aramus gone missing, Gully is in possession of her father’s magic gauntlets that, when worn, give Gully incredible strength and invulnerability.

Garrison was once the most skilled swordsman of the elite guardians of the realm called the Paladins, and his oversized sword contains sorcerous powers. After the death of his wife, Garrison has become a drunk.

The cantankerous and grandfatherly Knolan is perhaps this world’s greatest wizard and also seems to be privy to secrets that could be a danger to all.

Calibretto may be the last of the golems, great automated war-machines, which were ordered to be dismantled after the war. Despite being a sort of robot, Calibretto has more humanity than most humans.

The voluptuous mercenary-thief Red Monika is as deadly as she is sexy.

Joe Madureira, a.k.a. Joe Mad, is an astounding storyteller with both his writing and illustration. The world of Battle Chasers is an exciting blend of the traditional medieval fantasy, science fiction, and just a dash of steampunk too. (In fact, when doing research for this review, I found Battle Chasers described by a term I did not know of before: arcanepunk.) It’s a place where magic and futuristic technologies co-exist. Fighters brandish flintlock firearms and bladed weapons. Clockwork automation is made possible for the few who have access to the rare element of mana to use as a power source. There are flying ships and beasts of burden, monsters and mythical creatures. Star Wars-like soldiers patrol outposts, while armored soldiers and knights make up the bulk of the armies. The graphic format is a great fit for this setting, and I can’t imagine it working so well in any other medium.

Battle Chasers takes all the fantasy and science fantasy clichés — and a few comic book ones too — and exaggerates them to the point that readers can’t help but lose themselves in the pure fun of it all. Madureira’s artwork seems heavily influenced by manga, which I’m not usually a fan of, but the bold lines and exaggerated features are a perfect match for this story. The action “Joe Mad” depicts is adrenaline-charged. All the archetypal characters are made even more endearing when portrayed in an almost caricature-like fashion: Gully looks like a Precious Moments waif, Calibretto an archaic cast iron blast furnace on legs. Warriors are over-muscled, swords are huge, other weapons and equipment are bulky. And Red Monika, well, let’s just say she has impossibly large… ah… “guns”? (I’m ashamed to admit it, especially at my age, but I think I’m in love with her.)

I absolutely adored this comic book series, and there were many other fantasy comic fans that did too. It broke my heart to see it end so abruptly. Please, Joe Mad, I beg you to return to comics and finish Battle Chasers.

‘John Wick’ Creator Derek Kolstad, Alcon Team for ‘Battle Chasers’ TV Adaptation
Adrian Askarieh, the producer behind the ‘Hitman’ franchise, will exec produce the adaptation of the Joe Madureira comic via his Prime Universe banner along with Zoic Pictures’ Loni Peristere, Chris Jones and Samantha Shear.

Battle Chasers, an independent comic from the turn of the century that briefly outsold established titles from Marvel and DC, is heading to television.

In what is being described as an aggressive pre-emptive deal, Alcon Television Group has picked up the rights to the comic, written and drawn by Joe Madureira.

Derek Kolstad, who created action franchise John Wick and worked on Marvel’s The Falcon and Winter Soldier series, is attached to write and executive produce what will be a live-action fantasy series.

Also taking roles are Alcon’s co-founders and co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, who will exec produce. Alcon TV’s Ben Roberts will act as a producer.

Adrian Askarieh, the producer behind the Hitman franchise, will exec produce with his Prime Universe banner along with Loni Peristere, Chris Jones and Samantha Shear from VFX shop Zoic Pictures. Ben Cook will serve as a producer.

Madureira became a superstar artist thanks to his work on Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men and then struck out on his own with Chasers. The comic was an instant hit, outshining the sales of the Big Two publishers. But the book famously fell behind schedule — only nine issues of Chasers were published, between 1998 and 2001, and it gained its place in comics lore as one of the great unfinished stories. Madureira turned his attention to the video game world, and the comic was adapted into the million unit-selling 2017 RPG Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

The comic’s story centers on a 9-year-old girl named Gully, searching for her father with some magical gloves; Garrison, a swordsman with a magical blade; and Red Monika, a bounty hunter. A golem named Calibretto and the wizard Knolan were also part of the crew taking on armies of villains.

In April, Madureira told The Hollywood Reporter that he was returning to finish the series with three new issues that would wrap up the story. Those are expected to hit in spring 2022.

Despite the two decades that have gone by, the material retains its hold on those who read it.

“I connected deeply to this material 20 years ago when I first picked up Joe’s comic book, and so to be part of bringing this exciting material to a new audience is thrilling to say the least,” said Alcon’s Roberts, who brought the project in.

Said Askarieh: “Being part of the team that finally brings Joe’s Battle Chasers to the screen has been a 20-year dream of mine. I am thrilled that Joe has entrusted Derek, Zoic, myself and now our partner, Alcon, with this rare and exciting opportunity.”

Added Kolstad: “As a storyteller — as well as a super fan of unapologetic and unrelenting action — I can’t wait for people to feel as giddy as I did when I first laid eyes on Battle Chasers. The world which Joe has created here, coupled with the characters therein, is both unique and yet familiar. Adapting this for the small screen is gonna be a jon.”

Kolstad’s recent work includes Universal’s action-thriller Nobody, which starred Bob Odenkirk, and co-executive producing Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He is currently adapting Ubisoft’s hit game Splinter Cell for Netflix.

Alcon was behind the sci-fi series The Expanse and is coming off of unveiling Blade Runner: Black Lotus, an anime series spinoff from its Blade Runner 2049 movie.

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