Batman Madness A Legends of the Dark Knight Special Jeph Loeb Tim Sale 1st print


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Batman Madness (1994 Legends of the Dark Knight Special) #1
Published 1994 by DC.

All Hallows Eve has come ’round again…and the Dark Knight of Gotham City has a midnight appointment with terror when he faces the twisted genius of the Mad Hatter! Teenager Barbara Gordon has recently moved in with her uncle, Gotham City Police Captain Jim Gordon. But a Halloween night quarrel leads her to run away…and Barbara’s horror is just beginning when she falls into the clutches of the Mad Hatter, one of the most disturbing villains in Batman’s rogues gallery. Faced with one of the worst nightmares of his life, Jim Gordon’s only hope of recovering his niece rests with Batman. But terrors of the past as well as the present haunt the Dark Knight. That may cost Barbara dearly at the hands of the Mad Hatter and the grotesque workings of his damaged mind, raising fear and human drama to even greater heights! Written by Jeph Loeb, with art and cover by Tim Sale. Prestige Format. 52 pages. Cover price $4.95.


Near mint condition. 1st print.