Batman Absolution TP J.M. DeMatteis Brian Ashmore DC Comics 1st print


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Batman Absolution GN
Published 2002 by DC
1st printing
Written by J.M. DeMatteis
Painted art and cover Brian Ashmore

A lushly painted original Batman graphic novel!

Ten years after an attack on Wayne Enterprises by a group of urban terrorists, Batman discovers the architect behind the bombing is in hiding in India. But, in the course of a harrowing journey that takes him from the Taj Mahal to the hidden temple of a great Indian saint, Batman will find all his precious concepts of crime and punishment, justice and retribution, God and man, turned inside out. He will find himself questioning whether any human being can truly change – and whether a mass murderer could possibly be worthy…of absolution.

Softcover, 96 pages, full color. Cover price $17.95.

This is quite an interesting Batman story. It revolves around Batman trying to track down some terrorists/freedom fighters/anarchists who bombed Wayne Enterprises,killing some of the people in the building. What follows next is Batman trying to follow the clues to track down the perpetrators, but this takes ten years of hunting. And when he finally tracks them down, there are some decisions he has to take – where things were once very black and white, they are now in shades of grey.

That is the basic outline of the plot, and one that i found quite engaging. I do like Batman in his Dark Knight Detective persona, more than the fighting facet of his character. If you like fights and action, then this graphic novel will appeal to you less. In this book Batman shares his inner most thoughts via snippets of what appears to be a handwritten diary. I liked this idea quite a bit, though some of the writing was a bit hard to read at times (maybe i was just too tired!).

The artwork is very different to a lot of the Batman graphic novels out there…if you’re looking for a different looking Batman story and love J.M. DeMatteis (who doesn’t!?) then here’s your chance to own a 1st print!

Near mint, 1st print,