Avengers Poster #23 by Alex Ross NM Captain America Thor Iron Man


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Wasp, Ant Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America with Namor looking on disapprovingly! Alex Ross reimagines the cover to Avengers # 4, which is the lineup of the Avengers after founding member the Incredible Hulk left! It’s an homage to Jack Kirby. In Ross’ own words: “For me, he’s more of a direct influence upon artists who have influenced me. I’m one of those guys who grew up reading comics by guys who were influenced by Kirby. Even though I did see Kirby—I don’t know; as early as when I was five when he was doing the Sandman comic for DC. I love that comic to this day; it’s one of my favorite things that was forgotten about him. But guys like George Pérez, who he influenced heavily—just about everybody drawing comics post-1960s had a huge amount of Kirby in them, whether they like it or not. Even Neal Adams probably owes a great deal to Kirby because of the energy the man put into the entire nature of the art form.”

Near mint condition.