Avengers Poster #200 By George Perez Thanos Taskmaster Ultron Loki


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Taskmaster, Doctor Doom, Mandarin, Kang the Conqueror, Enchantress, Ultron, Thanos, Egghead, Grim Reaper, Immortus, Molecule Man, Loki, Ringmaster and the Circus of Crime (Clown, Princess Python), Baron Zemo, Magneto, Terminus, Absorbing Man, Swordsman, Klaw, Gravitron, Skurge the Executioner, the High Evolutionary, Whirlwind, the Supreme Intelligence, Black Knight, Radioactive Man, the Collector, the Zodiac, the Super Adaptoid, Dormammu, Orka, Space Phantom, Red Ronin, Count Nefaria, Cactus, Attuma, Gremlin, Living Laser, Arkon, Man-Ape, the Grandmaster, Goliath, Ares, Proctor, Wonder Man, Morgan le Fay, Red Guardian, Korvac, Melter, Brain-Child, Lava Man, Aragorn, Imus Champion and many more that even I can identify!

George Pérez (born June 9, 1954) is an American writer and illustrator of comic books, whose titles include The Avengers, Teen Titans, and Wonder Woman. Writer Peter David has named Pérez his favorite artistic collaborator.

Pérez came to prominence with Marvel’s superhero-team comic The Avengers, starting with issue #141. In the 1970s, Pérez illustrated several other Marvel titles, including Creatures on the Loose, featuring the Man-Wolf; The Inhumans; and Fantastic Four. Writer Roy Thomas and Pérez crafted a metafictional story for Fantastic Four #176 (Nov. 1976) in which the Impossible Man visited the offices of Marvel Comics and met numerous comics creators. Whilst most of Pérez’ Fantastic Four issues were written by Roy Thomas or Len Wein, it would be a Fantastic Four Annual where he would have his first major collaboration with writer Marv Wolfman. Pérez drew the first part of writer Jim Shooter’s “The Korvac Saga”, which featured nearly every Avenger who joined the team up to that point. Shooter and Pérez introduced the character of Henry Peter Gyrich, the Avengers’ liaison to the United States National Security Council in the second chapter of that same storyline. Writer David Michelinie and Pérez created the Taskmaster in The Avengers #195 (May 1980).

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