Avengers Poster #104 Prelude to Dark Reign Norman Osborn Leinil Francis Yu


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Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Norman Osborn! The shot heard round the world! The finale of Secret Invasion saw Norman Osborn, leader of the Thunderbolts, blowing the Skrull Queen away in full view of the public, setting up one of the coolest storylines in recent memory…Dark Reign! The U.S. wants to feel safe and in order for that to happen, they hand Osborn, the hero of the Skrull Invasion Nick Fury’s former role in the Marvel Universe! During the events of the “Dark Reign”, Osborn created a new identity, the Iron Patriot (an amalgam of Captain America and Iron Man), to cement his standing as a hero. As the Iron Patriot, he utilized a version of Iron Man’s armor painted in the colors of the American flag. The armor featured superhuman strength, enhanced durability, flight, magnetic impact blasts, heat seeking missiles, miniaturized lasers, flamethrowers, and a communications system housed in his helmet which allowed him to interface with any U.S.-controlled satellite or computer network. While the original Iron Man armor utilized repulsor technology, Osborn’s design does not; Stark destroyed all but one repulsor, and stated that “Oz is too stupid” to make his own repulsor-based weapons system. The star shaped Uni Beam projector on his chest, because of its shape, also has a less powerful output than that of the original Iron Man model.

Near mint condition.