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Avengelyne (1999 Awesome) #1C

Published Mar 1999 by Awesome
Liefeld and Stinsman variant cover
John Stinsman (Artist)
Rob Liefeld (Author)
Robert Napton (Author)
Eric Stephenson (Editor)

Avengelyne … was the most feared warrior in Heaven’s Warhost, having single-handedly broken into Pandemonium, the outer fortress of Hell, to confront the Devil himself. She is a fallen angel, banished from Heaven by God after being tricked into questioning His love for humans. Avengelyne was stripped of all her angelic abilities, other than her great strength and her blood, which, once extracted from her body, could be used as a weapon or a miracle once empowered by quoting verses from the Bible. Avengelyne uses her powers to fight demons on earth and is being groomed to be humankind’s last hope in a coming Armageddon.

She’s a fallen angel, cast down from heaven to live in the natural world as punishment. At least, that was the origin presented in previous series featuring the leather–and lingerie–clad heroine. But was it true? This series presents Avengelyne with an alternate history: she was placed on earth not as punishment, but so that she could use her angelic powers to defend God’s creatures from destruction. Complicating matters is the evil alien Sharpe, who claims that all humanity, and the Almighty Himself, are in fact the creations of his species, as part of an experiment. Now Avengelyne, with the help of Father Peter Clifton and a mysterious stranger, must defeat Sharpe—and discover the real truth about her origin.

In July 2013, co-creator Rob Liefeld and Gina Carano announced that they were working on a big-screen adaptation of the series in which Carano would star as Avengelyne. In November 2016, it was announced that Paramount Pictures had purchased the film rights for Avengelyne with Akiva Goldsman as the intended producer.

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld’s Avengelyne Movie Lands at Paramount

Rob Liefeld has another creation heading to the big screen. The Deadpool creator, who trumpeted that Marvel Comics creation on its way to huge success for 20th Century Fox, has landed a creator-owned character, Avengelyne, at Paramount, with superstar producer Akiva Goldsman attached, Deadline reports.

A fallen angel, Avengelyne fights demons and monsters as a member of the Warhost of Heaven – think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets John Wick and you have a decent idea of the vibe they’re focused on. She has great strength and miraculous (and weaponized) blood. The movie should be a pure actioner, something the producer of I Am Legend, The Losers, and upcoming Transformers movies (along with other Hasbro properties) shouldn’t have a problem with.

Rob Liefeld once eyed Gina Carano as Avengelyne, something that could very easily come up again, after she co-starred in Deadpool as the villainous Angel Dust. The actress, an alum of MMA fighting, has seen her acting stock rise with prominent roles in Fast and Furious 6 and Deadpool, and could be on the precipice of headlining a major project like this. She, nor any other actress, has actually been contacted or in any level of talks for the role, however.

A fallen angel, Liefeld has described Avengelyne as immensely “relatable” due to “her story of redemption.” The character was cast out of heaven after questioning God’s love for humanity, but still fights back the darkness in an effort to restore her status. “Her dilemma provides humor amidst the larger plot engine driving her journey.”

Goldsman’s schedule gets ever busier with this film, as he’s currently producing two films for 2017, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword with Warner Bros on March 24, 2017, and The Dark Tower, which got moved today from a February release to July 28, 2017, replacing Jumanji in that summer spot. He also has production credits on three upcoming Transformers films, as well as M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, ROM, and Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light, all five for Hasbro in conjunction with Paramount, who looks to keep the producer very busy in the coming years. He is also an accomplished screenwriter, but the announcement did not say anything about him working on the script for Avengelyne.

Another of Liefeld’s creations for Marvel Comics, Cable, is due to appear in Deadpool 2 in 2018, though that film is currently without a director or composer, as they’ve both recently left the project, having been attached after working on the first film. Avengelyne’s comic book adventures have been published by Maximum Press, Awesome Entertainment, Avatar Press, Arcana Studio, and was most recently revived at Image Comics.

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