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The Nicomachean Ethics (Oxford World’s Classics)
by Aristotle (Author), J. L. Ackrill (Editor), J. O. Urmson (Editor), David Ross (Translator)

This revised translation of Aristotle’s classic treatise contains all ten books of his vastly influential work of moral philosophy. Founded on the famous doctrine of the golden mean, which advocates taking the middle course between excess and deficiency, the book offers an illuminating discource on moral virtue, intellectual virtue, pleasure, friendship, happiness, and many other topics.

“Very useful as a cornerstone for our discussion of ethics and the Western moral tradition. The translation is elegant.”–Dominic A. Aquila, Rochester Institute of Technology

“The index is extremely helpful. The ‘contents’ are also a helpful tool. The numbering and division titles also make this book a little easier to teach.”–Rose Marie Surwilo, College of St. Francis

Series: Oxford World’s Classics
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press

“Every art or applied science and every systematic investigation, and similarly every action and choice, seem to aim at some good; the good, therefore, has been well defined as that which all things aim.”

In his Ethics, Aristotle does little more than to search for and examine the “good.” Aristotle examines the virtues and vices of man in all of his faculties. Aristotle refers to three types of lives, the common life, the political life, and the contemplative life, to which he assigns the highest order. Certainly, this is the most difficult life. Similar to Plato, Aristotle believed that “the unexamined life is a life not worth living.” Aristotle does nothing other to examine the life of man and what is the best life to live.

Unlike Plato, you do not need to read the entire work to walk away with some useful insight into life. Though the over 100 chapters, divided into ten books, flow and build upon each other, you can read just one of them and be benefited. Aristotle covers many different subjects such as the good, morals, virtue, vice, courage, generosity, justice, intelligence, art, science, friendship, love, pleasure, and pain.

I can not say enough for the depth of insight Aristotle has into living the good life. Nicomachean Ethics is well written and presented in a clear manner that should be accessible to most readers. This is a must read for everyone.

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National Geographic – October 1993 – Vol. 184, No. 4

Labrador… Tower of London…. Afghanistan…The American Prairie… The Cambodian Period

Mag has one stress towards bottom of spine. Otherwise in near mint condition.Mag has one stress towards bottom of spine. Otherwise in near mint condition.