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Amazing Spider-Man (1998 2nd Series) #502

Published Feb 2004 by Marvel.

Cover by Jason Pearson. “You Want Pants With That?”, script by J. Michael Straczynski, pencils by John Romita, Jr., inks by Scott Hanna; Peter and MJ deal with a strangely familiar sarcastic waiter at a fancy restaurant; MJ tells Peter she wants to get back to her career; Peter agrees, then leaves to deal with a car thief; Meanwhile, tailor Leo Zelinsky gives Killshot his new uniform, over hearing a phone call that makes him think Killshot is going to assassinate the district attorney; Mickey, Leo’s grandson, asks why Leo isn’t going to act on this knowledge; Leo explains that his business depends on his client’s privacy; Nevertheless, Leo finds a non-client hero so he can relay the information without implicating himself, choosing Spider-Man. Part 2 of J. Michael Straczynskis 2-part story arc following up on the monumental AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #500! 36 pgs., Cover price $2.25.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker are having dinner and while MJ is discussing the idea of getting back to her modeling career, a police car chasing a speeding car zooms past the window and Peter says that he would wait for her if she had to go away for long periods off time again. Peter changes into costume and swings after it.

As Spidey chases the car, Leo Zelinsky observes the chase and heads back down to his tailor shop where he prepares the suit he made for Killshot who is waiting for him. Afterwards, Leo is talking to his grandson about the fact that he knows that Killshot is preparing to assassinate someone and his grandson tires to persuade him to do something about but it appears he has failed. However, Leo’s conscience gets the better of him and he walks off into the night to find Spider-Man.

When he manages to find Spidey and get his attention, Leo is taken to a delicatessen to talk with Spidey about the assassination due to take place the next day. Leo comments on Spider-Man’s costume and then reveals that he is in fact a tailor to the super powered community, both heroes and villains. After learning all he can about Killshot’s assassination contract, Spidey heads back home and tries to picture his mask with a mouthpiece, a suggestion from Leo, but ends up picturing Venom instead and goes to bed with his mask still on.

The next day, and Spidey manages to foil Killshot’s assassination attempt of the District Attorney but Killshot manages to put a window cleaner in peril instead making Spider-Man save him and allowing Killshot to escape. Killshot manages to make his way to Leo’s tailors and is about to shoot Leo’s grandson before Leo jumps in front and takes a bullet to the shoulder. Spidey then jumps into the tailors and webs up Killshot. Afterwards, Leo gives Spider-Man a design he had been working for the hero and it turns out to be the same costume worn by the future Spider-Man as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #500.

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